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Creating Voices of Equity

Research Narrative’s journey from multicultural expertise to the founding of Voices of Equity (VOE).


By Kerry Edelstein
October 13, 2021


The focus group members looked down from the TV monitor and grinned at the moderator: “She’s a legend. A trailblazer.” 

It wasn’t long after starting Research Narrative. I remember sitting in the backroom of a focus group, listening to gay men in Texas talk about cultural icon Ru Paul. As they discussed the magic of Ru Paul’s Drag Race, with its stunning creativity and abundance of self-expression, they also gushed about its namesake star, a legend that drag fans tremendously respect and even revere.

She could be a she, or he could be a he; that didn’t matter much to viewers. What mattered was that whatever Ru Paul did, Ru Paul did it with fervor, talent, character (in both senses of the word), commitment, and unflappable fortitude.  

Throughout my career, I’ve been fortunate to consult with the creative and producing teams behind groundbreaking shows like Ru Paul’s Drag Race and Big Freedia – series that have promoted cultural diversity, celebrated the creativity and talent of LGBTQ icons and artists, and showcased gender fluidity. Shows that understood intersectionality even before that word hit the American vernacular.



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