The Research Narrative Team

Our dynamic team of seasoned researchers, analysts, storytellers, consultants, and facilitators spans a wide spectrum of skills. Get to know us, and you’ll find a behavioral scientist. A playwright. A school board member. An improv comedy entrepreneur. A Python coder. An actress. A former university faculty member. A Swedish game show winner. And even a professional dance battle judge. Click on the profiles below to meet our motley crew of creative, strategic, and (perhaps deceptively!) analytical team members.

Kerry Edelstein
DeLong, Ph.D.
“I value the dedication and time that we receive from the Research Narrative staff.
I also love the creativity and intelligence that the team provides. And they are fun to work with!”
Candace Hokett
Sean Monahan
Tracey Castle
Jordan McLoughlin
Kate Jacobs
John Olson
Jack (Xinkang) Du